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Telephone Doctor

Congratulations! You're about to join over 30,000 organizations who already trust the DVD-based Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training Library.

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 Popular Package Savings
  + Telephone Doctor Customer Service Library (12 DVD Courses)
+ Service Matters Series (12 modules on 2 DVDs)
+ Service Sims Series (12 modules on 1 DVD)
+ Email Matters Series (19 modules on 1 DVD)
+ Basic Selling Skills From A-Z (26 modules on 1 DVD)
+ 8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace (10 modules on 1 DVD)
+ How To Be A Terrible Team Member Series (11 modules on 1 DVD)
+ What To Say When Series (30 modules on 4 DVDs)
+ Newmarket Learning Management Development Series (6 DVD Courses)
+ Houndville Animated Meeting Openers Series (10 modules on 1 DVD)
  (12 individual DVD Courses) - Our flagship training collection. America's favorite communication training series hosted by customer service expert Nancy Friedman. Validated by millions of learners, these courses cover the full spectrum of customer care.
 Individual Telephone Doctor 12 Module DVD Library Titles
  1. The Service Mentality DVD-based training course
  2. Listening Skills DVD-based training course
  3. Questioning Techniques DVD-based training course
  4. Five Forbidden Phrases® 3.0 DVD-based training course
  5. Six Cardinal Rules 2.0 DVD-based training course
  6. Proactive Customer Service 2.0 DVD-based training course
  7. Essential Telephone Skills DVD-based training course
  8. Six Steps to Service Recovery DVD-based training course
  9. An Attitude for Service DVD-based training course
  10. Business Friendly Customer Service DVD-based training course
  11. Killer Words of Customer Service DVD-based training course
  12. How to Handle the Irate Customer DVD-based training course

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